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  California Health Insurance - Making the right decision

 Why buy health insurance in California?? 


-The average person lands in the 
  hospital  every 7 years.

      "I can't afford health insurance".  

If you think health insurance is expensive then imagine the costs that it protects you from.
If anything, you want to cover the big bill...check out our section
101 to understand how a lot of people are paying too much and over-insuring the small bills.

Almost 50% of  U.S. bankruptcies are the result of costs from sudden illness and/or injury for the un-insured.

blue cross of california

  Why Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California??

Stability, Local Ease
 of Use, and Comprehensive Coverage - that's why the Blues have been California's 
carrier for decades.

There are 5 major health insurance companies in California:  Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Pacificare, and Healthnet.  Kaiser is only HMO - all their eggs in one basket, and Pacificare, mainly HMO, has had recent financial troubles.  The HMO model is based on cost control, an increasingly difficult feat in today's medical world.  Also, the Blue Card program is great for when you are in other states!!

We are independent brokers which means we can deal with any company.  We choose to concentrate on Blue Cross and Blue Shield because they will be around and they provide the widest array of options including strong PPO plans and MSA's.  70% of Blue Cross is PPO.

   -Over 25 years in the California health insurance market.

Health insurance can be complicated.  That's where we come in.  We do not sell...we educate.  Whether you go with one plan or another or not at all...we will work to answer your questions and arm you with the knowledge you need. 

The rates and benefits are IDENTICAL no matter where you buy's the service and knowledge where we surpass others

The three main strengths you want in a broker:

- 25 years and counting.  Unlike the carriers with their many telemarketers, or other brokers with many different types of insurance and/or companies...we concentrate on health and a few solid companies.
Accessible - our whole focus is educating our clients and that means answering any question...with a smile.  Try'll see we mean it. 
email or at 1-800-320-6269
Impartial - Again, the rates and benefits for a given company are identical regardless of who you buy it through.  We are independent is not in our interest for you to go with any one particular company.  It's in our interest for you to go with the best company and best that you understand.  

Our services are free...why wouldn't you take advantage of them!!

For quotes, plan benefits, and provider listings...
click here!! provides rates, applications, and information to better help Californians understand their options.  Goodacre Insurance Services, the registered owner of the web site, does not recommend, endorse or provide advice on which insurer to select or which products to buy.
Do not cancel any existing health insurance until you receive written confirmation from the insurance company to which you are applying

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