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  California Small Business health insurance options

For California Small Business health insurance, there are many options and benefits to consider.  Currently, one options stands out as being a very attractive one for small business.  Blue Cross offers three basic components that offer the maximum flexibility in terms of employee benefits; control in terms of costs, and savings in terms of tax advantages.  You can either quote all the major carriers here or read below into the these options. 


California Small Business
offers 3 great options for a total package that gives you unprecedented flexibility and control over your costs.

Step 1 - Employee Elect - employers can offer any or all of Blue Cross' plans to each employee

Step 2 - Employer Contribution - control your costs - per employee choose to 1) limit your share of monthly premiums to no more than $100 or 2) pay any fixed amount above $100; or 3) pay a percentage of the total monthly premium (employee or employee/dependent). 
Step 3 - POP 125 - Employee can make their contribution with pre-tax dollars deducted from payroll.  Saves employee average of 30% and employer saves FICA tax on employee contribution.
Eligibility for Small Group 
(quick summary)




2-50 eligible people (w2, partners, sole proprietors, corporate officers...not 1099); can choose to include part-time or not.
75% of eligible people must go with the plan.
Employer must pay at least 50% of employees premium.




Plans are guaranteed issue... regardless of health.
Premiums by employer are 100% tax deductible.
Employers can pay as little as 50% of the employees premium.
Can offer choice
BULLETIN:  Partially Self-insured Group Plans

Small Group health premiums are expected to up 20% for 2003.  We are pleased to announce a new option which has become the fastest growing health insurance plan in California.  With average savings of 30%, the safety of major carriers, this is the direction everything is going. 
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